I don't know what I'm doing; I just wanted to make a visual novel using Ink–or in this case the Lua port Narrator–with a game engine. I just took my Bumpy Road game and made it a set for the VN characters. #MissionAccomplished

Press space bar to advance the dialog. There isn't much, and there are no choices yet. I want to mess with choices and branching, so if I do an update I may have choices to change things about the scene.

The anime characters are from https://anankekeirin.itch.io/3-sprites-free-pack , and I have resized them and changed their format to PNG. Please go to the creator's page if you wish to use these.

GenreVisual Novel
Made withLÖVE
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds
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ink-love2d-vn-test.love 381 kB

Install instructions

The .love file is the "cartridge" file to be used with Love2d if installed locally.

Development log


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This was an emotional rollercoaster. Would be cool if you did something bigger with this!

Thanks! This is getting more visits than anything else I’ve done, and I didn’t submit it in a jam or tell anyone I uploaded it, so I did something right here.

I want to update it so that it supports dialog choices and takes tag or markup cues from Ink to change the scene around. And maybe add some lighting to the sky and ball and some texture to the grass.


Why can't you let the two persons play football with each other?

They have no legs! Not even knees. Poor things.


Such a sad story.