Try to go as fast as possible. If you bounce too high a parachute will deploy because this ball is afraid of heights! Mouse or touch-drag up and down to change the angle of the hill.

I felt like toying with a game engine and submitting to an jam, namely 2021 Variety Megajam. And here it is!

Known issue:

  • You can roll off to the left. You will respawn.
Made withLÖVE
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksSource code


Download 35 kB
Download 31 kB

Install instructions

This file can be used with on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Install LÖVE and then run love . It behaves exactly the same as it does here in the browser.

The .love file is actually just a zipped folder with the scripts and assets.

The file is the source code which is also on GitHub.

Source code is MIT licensed. Asset credits are in the files. Enjoy!

Development log

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