Let's start with a "1X" game

My first Itch dev log, my second Love2d game, and my third Itch game to be submitted to a game jam. I have only a few more hours until the game jam I’m targeting is finished, so instead of a 4X game I’m going to try a 1X - eXplore only.

So far I just have a red circle as a player, and the arrow keys can move it around. The “map” is just Perlin noise for now.

Next steps may include making a fog of war and/or trying to generate a map. I am going to use ideas from Undiscovered Worlds - Basic Continents. That is a rather detailed blog of one person’s journey to procedurally generate really good looking terrain. Unfortunately they are not sharing code as they go, but the descriptions are really helpful.

The name of this project is a play on that blog’s name.

Get Discovering Worlds

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